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Grateful for my job but I hate it

welcome to the first part in my new series called #corporatefrustrations.

We've all been there.

blessed are you if you haven't chile.

we know the struggle.

The agony of working a job you hate just because you need the money and with unemployment rates exponentially skyrocketing, the thought of quitting your job and pursuing your passions probably gives you heart palpitations.

I know .

I get it.

I was there too.

That's why I'll give you advice that you probably don't want to hear.

but as your virtual big sis, I need to do the Lord's work and tell you the truth.

The truth is , you cannot gamble with your life.

you only have one life.

I know because I am a single mom to a beautiful 5 year old girl.

I sat and ruminated over this decision for months.

I held on, persevered until it was the right time.

but when is the right time? you may ask.

well, the right time differs for each individual.

what I can tell you is, you don't have to wait until its perfect.

you can start setting up while you're in your 9to5.

it wont be easy, it'll require a lot of time, sacrifice and discipline.

You have to want it.

really bad.

you have to work and be disciplined like your like depends on it.

because the life you want, does.

the good news is, you have two incredible resources at your disposal.

  1. Humans

  2. Technology

Let me explain.

This blog was typed by an actual human who has a lived experience of what you are currently going through.

I get it.

I know where you are coming from and I want to meet you where you are so that you can be where I am and go even further.

secondly, we've got this powerful tool called automation.

You can automate almost anything and you can use part of your 9 to 5 income to fund freelance work while you're at work.

so the plan is simple, really.

Book a few sessions with me, (use code HICOACHX50 for 50% OFF) and I will walk you through your journey to financial freedom and inner peace, doing what you love without sacrificing your mental health.

looking forward to chatting with you soon!

Did you enjoy this post?

leave a comment down below!

please share with anyone who might be in a similar situation.

help is available.

I am here, for you.

And remember, you will get there.

but for now you are here, and here is beautiful too.

there are valuable lessons here waiting for you that will enable you to be the best version of yourself in the next chapter of your life, in your winning season.

the wait is not punishment, its preparation.

have a great day!

Chat soon

Love always,

The Soft Life Advocate

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